"Gregory's art - sort of a controlled chaos - makes you smile. It's playful, it's fun, and it engages all the senses."

-- San Antonio Express News

"Artist Allison Gregory maintains her momentum by discovering new ways to express herself, and by experimenting with different media. She is not afraid to paint outside of the lines which is evident by her new style, a movement she has dubbed, 'pop-stract’".

-- LUXE Magazine

"Allison Gregory is a refreshingly self assured contemporary artist with energy to spare, from a new generation of creative minds who are taking success into their own hands. The romanticized artist image with the flowery disposition is a sharp contrast to this self-made, can-do attitude artist".

-- Christa Brothers, Owner of Bismarck Contemporary Art Gallery, San Antonio

"If anything about Gregory's artwork is consistent, it's her strong use of color. She almost always sticks to a vivid palette, and she never, ever wastes a single inch of canvas. Most likely, she'll never escape the attention to detail and willingness to work that got her where she is now-they're visible in every completed piece."

-- RARE Magazine

"Bursting with energy, artist Allison Gregory's works are commanding attention. While her art work can make your head spin, her pieces mix childlike happiness with adult chaos, so there's a little something for everyone."

-- Austin Monthly Magazine

"In the 13 years since I started Cow Parade, I have had the pleasure of working with over 10,000 talented artists throughout the world, some of which were quite famous ... Peter Max, Romero Britto and Red Grooms. She is by far one of the most talented artists I have ever met. In fact, it was no surprise to learn that she was the first and only artist in Cow Parade history, to have been selected to paint four cows in one event. Not only did one of her bovines sell for a record breaking $100,000, but the total earnings of all four came to a quarter of a million dollars to charity! Her work is truly remarkable".

-- Jerry Elbaum, Founder of Cow Parade, the largest public art event in the world

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when one beholds Allison Gregory's work they know what true beauty is. We are living in a very complicated world today and need to get away from the onslaught of messages, innuendos and crazed activity. To view Allison’s works gives me the opportunity to forget the now of all this psychobabble and immerse myself in sheer joy. Allison's talented brushstrokes bring a huge smile to my face and stimulate the passion that beats from my heart. Her dazzling display of color is conducted in a symphony of WOW!"

-- Craig Babson-Smith, President of CBS Acquisitions

“Allison’s work has a vibrant energy that resonates with all kinds of people. She is one of the first artists I worked with that encouraged people to touch her work and really experience the art. She has amazing attention to detail and patience to create these multi-media, layered works. They are tactile, exuberant, and playful. It’s been amazing to watch her develop from a kid out of college, to seeing her work in so many galleries, featured in Austin’s cow and guitar parades, and even on i-pad covers!”

-- Jennifer Seay, Founder of Art + Artisans Consulting Firm, Houston and Austin

"I have been lucky enough to share Allison Gregory's work with art collecting clients and prospects since 2010. I have shown her work in my gallery and art fairs throughout New York. What I love is watching people as they first see...and then further explore...her artwork. The bright colors, intricate layers, captivating drips around the canvas and over the edges, and rich textures engage art lovers of every age. And what I love the most is the smile that breaks out across each face. To me, Allison's artwork literally drips with joy...and I enjoy being a part of helping to share this wonderful experience."

-- Lisa Cooper, Owner of Elisa Contemporary Art Gallery, New York City

"Allison Gregory's art is playful and colorful at once, but at the same time serious fine art. Viewers are drawn in by the bright colors and patterns, sometimes with raised textures, which often look like glass beads. This universal appeal to everyone’s senses is almost irresistible. Soon after the colors and textures catch one’s attention, one quickly becomes aware of the depth of her artwork. The masterful use of colors, the overall compositions, and the sheer richness of the patterns is an art connoisseur’s delight."

-- Beyond Arts Magazine

"A painter must simultaneously remetabolize and unsee everything that's come before and-through some mysterious, masterful act of cultural Kung Fu-make something new. The artists I chose for this issue of New American Paintings rise to this challenge. Although marching to their own drumbeats, these painters vibrate with what I believe to be important broad directions in art and culture today. Allison Gregory and Joseph Cohen make exciting and innovative abstract images. They are not afraid to fetishize paint, push the picture plane into three dimensions, and generally go for the baroque. A nonrepresentational painting, they argue, can give Lady Gaga a run for her money."

-- Toby Kamps, Senior Curator at The Menil Collection Museum, Houston

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